Strengthening is the Solution.

Medical research shows that the majority of patients with chronic spinal pain are significantly “deconditioned”. Weakness of the musculature of the spine can lead to many conditions such as herniated discs, facet syndrome, and degenerative joint disease. A strong spine provides a strong foundation that allows for healthy spaces between the vertebrae, which helps prevent spinal compression.

To provide lasting relief from chronic neck and back pain, the spinal structures and supporting tissue (e.g. multifidus) must be actively reconditioned through isolated strengthening exercise. Until MedX developed the Lumbar Extension restraint system, there was never an effective way to isolate and strengthen the muscles of the spine.

The goals of the MedX program include:

  • Decrease pain levels
  • Restore spinal function
  • Improve quality of life and independence
  • Decrease the need for on-going spinal care

The Medx Lumbar Extension Machine can provide resistance over a full range of isolated lumbar motion (72 degrees), or over a selected limited range. In exercise mode, a compound weight stack provides from 10 to 400 foot pounds in increments of one foot pound.

Isometric testing may occur every 3 degrees within the patient’s range of motion. During the test, the software plots a strength curve that allows a comparison of the patient’s strength and range of motion to age and gender matched norms. Its also has the ability to detect a lack of reasonable effort by the patient.

Various reports can be generated for individual patients and selected patients groups or categories for outcome tracking purpose.